6 months work for a kiss? – Recommended for the bucket list.

Here you’ll find the loveletter to Sigrid

But from the beginning…

On 27.8.2019, yesterday, my wife and I celebrated „silver wedding“(AT) anniversary: 25 years.

It has been a long time since I thought that I wanted to do something special for this day.
I spend a lot of my time with Blender and already „own“ a whole spaceship in Mars orbit. I decided to create a small love letter as a video message.

As with a lot of projects, the volume of this intention was a bit out of control.
Anyway, the idea came to play this project in the cinema before the main movie.

The song…

No video without sound. – And there are many songs I would have liked to have, but didn’t get any rights for them, respectively the amount of the license fees went beyond any limits.
Only Blankomusic would have made the song „Heast es net“ by Hubert von Goisern available to me, but without the possibility of putting the video on Youtube.

So I decided to rummage through Creative Commons songs.

I found it at Emily Richards, aka „Madam Snowflake“.
Thank you Emily for the song „All comes to Life“.

The actors…

Naturally I should write that love letter,
our son Tobias became a transporter … ooops … Unicorn pilot.
We created the photos for the textures together.
Our daughter Sarah, on the other hand, had the one and only part as a „real“ actress.
Both of them were constantly occupied with my questions, and had a lot of advice and action at hand.


Even if it’s only 25fps and a bit more than 4min: It’s over 6000 frames, and for playing in the cinema I need 2k resolution. The longest computing time on one frame was 4h.

Relatively fast it became clear to me that with my resources (1 server, 2 workstations) the available time would not be enough.
But for such reasons you have friends. So FP Steuerberatung provided me with computing time on their servers. From Holz Marberger I got GPU units and from my loyal employee Marcel a PC unit and Camera.
Finally, Verlagshaus Hans Jöchler provided me with a drone fligt for the project.

Next hurdle cleared.

The cinema…

Cheeky I went into the FMZ cinema Imst and asked for „advertising time“.
I was surprised by the helpfulness and after a few meetings a small sensation was possible for me:

When Sigrid and I had our first date, which actually developed into that, we also went to the cinema, and exactly the movie „Hook“ was planned from the cinema for our 25th anniversary at this evening.

And the evening…

Without stumbling blocks the project would have been very boring.
After many hours of work and many nasty surprises, as well as several tests gone wrong in the cinema, a hospital stay was added just before the deadline.
But I was able to bring the final version the day before.

Then the evening: Everyone kept silent about the project..
We went to dinner and after dinner to the cinema.

The cinema previews,
then the video,
and then the kiss.

It was worth every second of the effort.

PS: By the way, I saw Hook with completely different eyes afterwards. After 25 years and grown up children you see the movie from a completely different point of view…

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